Spicy Chicken Soup


I do not sure where is original recipe came from. But you can find this hot and sour soup, flavored with some spices always serve with biryani in most of local muslim restaurant in Thailand.

If you like beef, try to cook with shank beef cut in cube piece or ox tail the taste will be more nicer than chicken.

Ingredients will have two parts, one to prepare soup and another one to enrich the flavor of your soup.
The Ingredients, I just gave you an idea and you can adjust proportion whatever you like.


* 6 pieces of chicken tight cut in half
* 3 pieces of Cinnamon Stick (size about 2 inch)
* 5 pieces of Green Cadamom
* 8 pieces of crack black pepper
* a big piece of ginger (smash a bit)
* Stock Soup
* 2 chop potatoes in 4 pieces
* 1 big tomato chop in 8 pieces
* 1 big onion chop in 8 pieces
* Salt




You can have this soup with any kind of pasta you like…..




Ingredients to enrich the flavor

* Chopped chillies
* Lemon juice
* Celery
* Deep fried shallot





* Boiling stock soup with ginger, cinnamon stick, green cadamom & black pepper
* place chicken tight
* follow by chopped onion & tomato
* add potatoes, cook until tender





* Pouring hot soup over pasta
* Add chopped chillies, lemon juice (stir and taste)
* Add some salt 
* Topped with celery and deep fried red onion









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