Rice with Roasted Duck


My last visited to USA,  we went to a  Thai Restaurant that we always go there for our favorite dish “Khaw Nar Ped” or “Rice with Roasted Duck”

We’re very disappointed….price going up and taste not good as before.  Then I think I would rather cook by myself.   But….. to cook roasted duck is quite take time.   So, I do short way to buy  “Roasted Duck”  from our favorite  chinese restaurant.

….We may ask restaurant to take out the bone and chop only meat  (I forgot to told them this time)

Don’t forget to ask  them some gravy from  roast drippings to make nice gravy sauce for “Khaw Nar Ped”



Gravy Sauce 

3 cup of duck gravy +  water (if don’t have duck gravy can use chicken broth)

 2-3 pounded corainder roots or stems

 3-4 pounded garlic cloves

 1 sticks of cinnamon

 3 pieces of star anise

 2 table spoons of Salted Soy Bean – put in strainer and drain in water to remove some salt from bean.

  Sweet Soy Sauce

 3 pieces of ginger slice

 Brown Sugar

 3 full tea spoon of cornstarch melt with water

 Ground Pepper


 Add corainder root, clove garlic, ginger, salted soy bean, cinnamon & star anise in gravy + water

 Add sweet soy sauce, brown sugar, ground pepper for flavor.

 Add cornstarch

 Stir together until mixture thickens slightly together



Dipping Sauce

 Sweet soy sauce + vinegar + sugar

 Heat until simmering

 Remove from the heat, add the sliced jalapenos pepper


Vegetable Side Dishes

 Blanching Chinese Kale (Kai Lan)or Chinese Cabbage (Boc Choy)

 Plunge into boiling water – add 1/2 tea spoon of salt + 1 tea spoon of sugar + 1 spoon of cooking oil in water to make vegetable shining and retain their green color and still a little crunchy

 Removed after a brief then place them into iced water or cold water before drain





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