Pad Thai


This is an another most popular Thai dish.    It seems to be difficult to cook  ’cause there are many ingredients and you may confuse  for cooking step.



Original Pad Thai should be dried and loosely.   Should not red(from tomatoes sauce or chilli sauce) and oily sticky.      


street food “Pad Thai”  in Bangkok


It was difficult for me to cook good looking Pad Thai.  Even nice taste but noodle always wet and stick together.   I  try to adapt cooking method and don’t care for original cooking step. 

……Then I have loosely and delicious Pad Thai for now.





It may look complicated but it is only 2 step to be ready for delicious pad thai

1. Prepare all ingredients ready nearby you. 

 2. Prepare Pad Thai Sauce.  This sauce will help you to be sure that your Pad Thai come out with the taste you like. 


  Prepare step one….all ingredients ready

 Ingredients for 2-3 serves

This is estimated proportion, adjust whatever you like

All of ingredients you can find in Asian Supermarket

* 200 grams of  Flat Rice  Noodle – This is dry noodle.  You may need to soak in hot water about 15 minutes until the noodles are soft and leave it drain before cook. 


* Chinese Chives or Garlic Chives  – Cut Chinese Chive leaf (green part) about 1 1/2 inches long and keep bottom  part about 5 inches long for side dish.  If  can not find chinese chives or garlic chives, you can use spring onion instead.

* Bean Sprouts


Extra Firm Tofu  Deep fried and cut in small pieces about 3-4 table spoon

* Shallots  2-3  table spoon chopped

 * Chopped Garlics 1 table  spoon 

* Dried Shrimp (optional) 2-3 spoons 


* Cooked Shrimp  


* Crunch Roasted Peanut  3-4 table spoon  

* Chopped  Sweet Pickle Radish (Optional)

* Stir Fried Eggs – use spade of frying pan chop in size you like


Prepare Pad Thai Sauce

 How to make Pad Thai Sauce


* Palm sugar or brown sugar 4 table spoons

* Tamarine Paste 4 table spoons

* Fish Sauce 1 table spoons

Method:  Slow cook  together in low heat until melt.  This is just estimate propotion….when you cook just taste what you like…sour, sweet then salty    

If you like spicy Pad Thai you can add a bit of chilli powder.  This sauce you can  keep in refrigerator for about 2-3 weeks.





<< Let cook Pad Thai >>

  Tips:  Use big wok, high heat & stir fast


* Fried chopped onion & garlic in 3 table spoon of cooking oil until color turn light gold

* Add chopped sweet radish, tofu, dried shrimp and egg…. then “Pad Thai Sauce” more or less up to you and stir well

*  Add rice noodle with 1 tea spoon of vinegar (optional….vinegar help rice noodle tender)

* Stir fast to keep noodle from sticking and coat well

* After noodle cooked.  Add cut chinese chieves leaf, bean sprout, cooked shrimp and stir few more times before turn off heat



* Pour on plate and springle crunch roasted peanut.  Serve with raw bean sprout and Chinese Chives

* Flavor by lemon juice & chilli powder




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