Thai fried mussels (Hoi Tod)

Hoi Tod, crispy batter thai fried mussels or oyster is another street food you can find everywhere in Bangkok.   It is similar to seafood omelette or pancake.  You can use local mussels, frozen NZ mussels or oyster and any seafood you prefer.

I myself prefer the old style Hoi Tod which batter is crispy and a bit chewy.  Here is my recipes…..


* Mussels batter

* Bean sprouts

* Chopped garlic

* Salt, pepper, fish sauce, rice vinegar for seasoning

* Coriander leaves for garnishing



Mussels batter for 2 servings

* Mussels or any seafood as you prefer

* 3 tablespoon tapioca flour

* 4 tablespoon tempura or chicken batter mix

* 1/2 tablespoon oyster sauce

* Pepper

* 6-8 tablespoon cold water

* 1 tablespoon chopped green onion

Mix tapioca flour, tempura or chicken batter, oyster sauce, pepper in cold water, stir until mix well.  Add chopped onion and mussels in your batters.


Heat lightly oil in fry pan until hot, pour in the mussels batter wait until nearly cooked, cracked an egg over. Let cook for few minutes.


Wait until turn golden brown on the underside. Spread out mussels evenly. Flip and cook for few minutes until turn golden brown (can add some cooking oil to make your mussels crispy)


Push mussels to the side of pan fry.  In lightly oil, fry chopped garlic then bean sprouts, about 2/3 tablespoon of rice vinegar fish sauce and pepper for seasoning.


Put mussels over the sprout and sprinkle with chopped green onion and pepper


Place to your plate and decorate by coriaider leaves, serving with sauce


Sauce for thai fried mussels

1:1 of sriracha sauce + thai chicken sauce and mix well

or slice cayenne pepper in vinegar



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